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May 4, 2007

The show took the audience to an outdoorsy, wilderness-scented world of camping. Nearly 200 campers squeezed into DC9 to watch the outrageous performances and games. Seven contestants dazzled the audience, but Grant and Anna walked away with the $100 prize.

The show opened with Summer Camp Playin' With Fire. Then she and her camp counselors - Karl and Chris - welcomed the audience to the show and split them into two teams.

To honor Mother's Day (the day after the show) and to dispel rumors that CRACK has no values, George W. Bush performed a touching number for his mother.

The contest began with Josh and Julie (along with several puppets) explaining that everyone's a little bit racist. Then Ryan wowed the audience with his comedy stylings including photos of himself as a young kid in DRAG! Watch Part One and Part Two.

Counselor Karl kept the campers' spirits up with a camp song, and was joined by Summer Camp for one more song that taught the campers about the consequences of sipping too much cider. Filip, in a t-back leotard and leg warmers, gave the audience a flashdance dance revolution.

Getting contestants for the first game Smell My Spirit Stick was like pulling teeth. Do we have a bad reputation or something? Why are folks so afraid to get on the CRACK stage? It's not like we make them smell nasty things like rotten fish!

Sheldon told a scary story around the campfire, Grant and Anna wove a web of performance art that culminated with oodles of spiders, PJ Bottoms, a gender-confused camper, was superb as s/he ripped away layers of her gender like an onion, and Heidi Ho returned to the CRACK stage fresh out of rehab.

Summer played another game with two (un)lucky campers: Sleeping Bag Clothes Swap. CRACK also had videos. Campers learned how to earn merit badges and about a sweet little place called Camp HOMOhican. Ooooh, I have a craving for a dirrrty shithole.

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