How To Have Safe Sex With An Escort

Most men hire an escort from to explore or to satisfy their sexual needs due to a long-distance relationship or a boring wife. However, it is essential to consider having safe sex with the escort because you may end up in a mess bigger than getting caught by your wife. Since escorts have sex with different men, they are exposed to contracting sexually transmitted diseases, e.g. HIV/AIDS, syphilis, gonorrhea, and genital herpes, among others. Here are tips on how to have safe sex with an escort:

Always use a condom

As a cautious man who is sensitive about his future, you are never supposed to have sex with an escort (or really anyone) without a condom regardless of her beauty or shape! It is in fact even more tempting to most men when escorts ask for extra money so that they can have sex without a condom. You should understand that, an escort may still be infected with an STI even though the results show that she is safe. This is because most diseases have an incubation period before they start showing symptoms or results. Therefore, you should never have unprotected sex with an escort.

It is important to understand that you should always have a condom with you before hiring an escort. You should not assume that the escort will have it with her or that you will get one after hiring the escort. You may end up making irrational decisions after failing to find one, and this may be catastrophic. In addition, if you will rub your genitals during foreplay, you should wear a condom first and then proceed and not vice versa.

Avoid oral sex

It is possible to contract STI’s, especially HIV/AIDS, through oral sex. Normally, some STI’s develop sores in the alimentary canal such as Human papilloma virus (HPV) and HIV/AIDS. Sine the infectious agents which cause STI’s are transmitted through body fluids, you are susceptible to get infected through having oral sex if the escort has mouth sores. Just like vaginal fluid which penetrates through the urethra of a man, it is possible to get the virus or bacteria that causes any of these sexually transmitted infections.

Practice safe sex

Alternatively, you can find satisfaction through practicing safe sex without penetrating the escort. Although most men would not agree to this, it is also quite satisfying and fun. You can try any of the following examples:

• Dry humping – here you rub your naked bodies against each other passionately over a period of time. It can be quite arousing although tempting. Therefore, you should wear a condom when rubbing her genitals.

• Finger stimulation – going the finger way is one of the easiest way to stimulate each other. Both of you can agree to get extreme where anal and vaginal fingering is allowed. To start off, you need to clean your hands thoroughly and as a man, you should not use the same finger in anal and vaginal stimulation. Also, both of you should have well-trimmed nails to avoid hurting each other’s genitals. You can also use a lubricant when needed.

• It is also advisable to avoid having more than one escort at the same time. This will help you focus on having safe sex. It also helps you to reduce peer influence which may lead to illogical thinking!…